1 year ago by Master Jupiter

Relates to the lesson Build a classified ads site

Hi Alex You made it!! You have made so many great tutorials but this has blown me away. I was not a premium member here for nearly a year but I just could not stay away. Now I am a premium member!

Thanks for this great course, very practical and real life application. Hope to get such courses more and more from you in future too.

An application like this is what we should be building with laravel :)

1 year ago by ashton morgan

Alex, this is a fantastic lesson. I am truly enjoying it and learning so much. Many thanks to you.

1 year ago by Jacob McPhillips

This one is a master class is writing elegant reusable,and modularized code. I literally couldn't stop this one. I am adding the likeable attribute to a listing too from a lesson i learned in another video.

1 year ago by Marius Zaleskis

Also joined CodeCourse community because of this course. This is exactly what I needed for my future project. This like information seems like deficit on internet, maybe i'm bad searcher. Thanks :)

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