1 year ago by Chris Su

I remember the site used to download whole series videos. Right now I can only see current video download. Did Alex disable this function?

1 year ago by Ja Ro

Yes, You are right. We need download whole series button back. I hope Alex is not going to make us happy by closing download function.

1 year ago by jacob atam

Yeah i am with you guys on this one Aleeeeeeeex bring back the whole series link we want it back!

1 year ago by Marko Ilic

+1 +2

1 year ago by Mehran Hadidi

same here. i cannot watch the videos always online. i need it to watch offline too. please activate download button.

1 year ago by Alex Garrett

Best answer

Sorry everyone, I've had to temporarily remove this due to a few reasons. I'm working on getting it back up and running.

1 year ago by Mehran Hadidi

@alex hey alex. eveyone can edit any post?????????? is this a bug ??? yes

1 year ago by Goran Petričević

Hi Mehran. No, this is not a bug, it is actually a feature. It can be useful for example if you are not quite sure how to use markdown to style your post so someone else does it for you. You can roll it back to previous version at any time if you find an edit inappropriate (you can also see the user who did it and report it and his permission to edit posts will be revoked).2

1 year ago by abhishek deshkar

Any update on downloading series ?

1 year ago by Alireza Mansouri

I think you should add the download full series again,many of us don't have a stable internet connection,so we can not watch online the series,and downloading each video one by one is a very boring task,so please add thar feature immediately.

1 year ago by Adam milou

I really don't think the "full series download" button was a cool feature because the link provided is "one time use" i mean by that if i close the download window by mistake for any reason i must restart the whole download process and there's no size detail displayed so i don't see way you people liked it that much

1 year ago by Master Jupiter

Yes, I also want whole series download button. So that I can start downloading when I start my job and before I leave , copy to my USB bring home and enjoy learning after work :)

1 year ago by Godwin Kunale

My favorite feature...gone :(

1 year ago by Brahma Chilakala

@If anybody is in problem with whole series problem you can contact me bloggervista@gmail.com

1 year ago by xuma

I made a package for that. You can check here:


1 year ago by Katie Depledge

Being able to download the series with one click would be a great feature to have, but seriously, at the price we pay for these tutorials I'm grateful for what we get. Alex has a really thorough understanding of programming and he explains basic concepts better than any of my university lecturers did. I paid so much in university fees and yet I find myself watching his basic courses just because he explains the fundamentals so well. Oh, and how refreshing is his fantastic grammar? I understand that its a frustrating obstacle for some of you but, in the scheme of things, these tutorials are incredible value.

4 months ago by Elwaly Nd

Personally, I have used several websites to download video from many different sources like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vidme, Vine, Vimeo and so. The good fact is they are free to use and don’t require any installation like Mobile apps or plugins. You go there, download your video and forget them until your next download. To try, here are the 3 websites I used to use: https://saveting.com http://savetwittervideo.online http://saveinstagramvideo.online http://vimeovideodownloader.online To use them, just follow the 3 steps below:

  1. Copy the video URL/link from your source website (Twitter, Instagram etc.)
  2. Paste the URL in the input field of the video downloader site (one from the above…)
  3. Press the download button, and you will get the download links for your video I tried all those 4 sites, they are working great and very simply, no hustle, no time lost. Cheers Elwaly

3 months ago by Billie iop

I personally use the Vidmate application: https://vidmatefreedownload.net/

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