5 months ago by Alan Cameron

Relates to the lesson Learn Slim 3

I am trying to follow along with Learn Slim 3. This is an attempt to go back to basics when I tried to learn Authenticate with Slim 3 and failed to understand the routes.

I have got as far as the section in Learn Slim 3 which discusses the need to have an .htaccess file override the user accessing a folder or a file which does not exist and change the URL to point to index.php.

I am using Wampserver 64 bit in a Windows 10 64 bit virtual machine. It installs Apache 2.4.23. I have checked the httpd.conf and it has the appropriate 'AllowOverride all' setting.

However when trying to run the route using http://localhost/slim3/users I keep getting Page Not found.

I am at a loss to understand what is wrong.

5 months ago by Florian Abensperg-Traun

Have you checked whether mod_rewrite is activated?

5 months ago by Alan Cameron

How would I check for that option?

5 months ago by Alan Cameron

I found it by reference to my friend Google - there is a YouTube video which shows how to ensure that the rewrite_module is activated in a Wampserver.

I checked and it is being loaded for my localhost Apache but it still does not work. Further suggestions welcomed.

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