5 months ago by Shan Shah

Tell me the series to start with.

5 months ago by Ryan Barnes

Hi there Shan, I think you should start with something simple like codecourses task list, it shows you how laravel handles posting to your database and pulling data from databases among with a lot of laravel (excuse the bluntness) stuff! Just remember coding languages are just like normal languages! You never fully know a language, so don't be discouraged if you get things wrong but anyway laravel is such a powerful and fun framework!


5 months ago by Akankha Ahmed

hi, Shan welcome to laravel. I am also very new to laravel as well. but before a start, i like to ask about your skill about php and query. If you know the basic I recommend you same as Ryan did start with task list . But if not then I strongly recommended you to take a look with code course basic PHP course. It's really a helpful course to understand basic PHP.


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