1 year ago by Kamyab Alex

Relates to the lesson Build a shopping cart

I'm currently using Laravel 5.3 and i created Support folder into the App folder and i also created CartController into to Controller folder but now i get some errors !!

I don't know how to fix this !

BindingResolutionException in Container.php line 763: Target [App\Support\Storage\Contracts\StorageInterface] is not instantiable while building [App\Http\Controllers\CartController, App\Basket\Basket].

Awaiting your response.

3 months ago by oliver russell

Instead of creating a shopping cart manually, I would recommend you to use a package for that or ecommerce system package. You can easily and quickly have an ecommerce website in Laravel by using packages like Aimeos (example: https://www.cloudways.com/blog/laravel-ecommerce-website-with-aimeos-package/ ). No need to spend time and efforts on creating a website and implementing shopping cart in it.

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