1 year ago by Jeroen van der Merwe

Relates to the lesson Build a shopping cart

Every time I reload localhost I get:

The localhost page isn’t working

localhost is currently unable to handle this request.


I am currently done with the second episode (Setting Up) and I have gone over my code many times but I can't find the problem! I also checked my error log but what does this mean?

Fatal error: Uncaught DI\DependencyException: Circular dependency detected while trying to resolve entry 'router' in C:\Users\Username\Google Drive\HTML5\Projects\cart\vendor\php-di\php-di\src\DI\Container.php:279 Stack trace:

#0 C:\Users\Username\Google Drive\HTML5\Projects\cart\vendor\php-di\php-di\src\DI\Container.php(122): DI\Container->resolveDefinition(Object(DI\Definition\AliasDefinition))

#1 C:\Users\Username\Google Drive\HTML5\Projects\cart\vendor\php-di\php-di\src\DI\Definition\AliasDefinition.php(63): DI\Container->get('router')

#2 C:\Users\Username\Google Drive\HTML5\Projects\cart\vendor\php-di\php-di\src\DI\Definition\Resolver\SelfResolver.php(34): DI\Definition\AliasDefinition->resolve(Object(DI\Container))

#3 C:\Users\Username\Google Drive\HTML5\Projects\cart\vendor\php-di\php-di\src\DI\Definition\Resolver\ResolverDispatcher.php(58): DI\Definition\Resolver\SelfResolver->resolve(Object(DI\Definition\AliasDefinition), Array)

#4 C:\Users\Username\Google Drive\HTML5\Projects\cart\vendor\php-di\php-di\src\DI\Container.php(2 in C:\Users\Username\Google Drive\HTML5\Projects\cart\vendor\php-di\php-di\src\DI\Container.php on line 279

1 year ago by Ped

[...] A circular dependency between classes A and B will thus both require the definition of A to be placed above B, and the definition of B to be placed above A, which of course is impossible

From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circular_dependency

I'm not sure how I can help. Could you show us your router?

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1 year ago by Vince R

I'm having the exact same problem as Jeroen1519. It's at the very end of the video Build a Shopping Cart. Everything works normal and then it's at the very end, the error comes up instead of displaying "This is the homepage".

1 year ago by Thomas Morelli

Best answer

See https://www.codecourse.com/forum/topics/fatal-error-message/4337

It's a problem with php-di/slim-bridge v1.0.3.


  1. Remove php-di/slim-bridge from Composer
  2. Re-require php-di/slim-bridge 1.0.2

Hope this helps :)

1 year ago by Ped

Thanks for your answer, @HiThomasMorelli. I am just going to assume that it works, so I will mark your answer as best.

1 year ago by kishor gujar

Thanks @HiThomasMorelli that worked;

1 year ago by Thomas Morelli

@kishor Glad it helped :)

I got it from here

1 year ago by joy saha

It really helped, thank you.

1 year ago by mehdi

it really helped me right now as well thanks a lot

1 year ago by supervan

Fix for the version problem php-di/slim-bridge v1.0.3.

in Container.php add

use Slim\Interfaces\RouterInterface;

change 'router' => get(Slim\Router::class), to

RouterInterface::class => function (ContainerInterface $container) { return $container->get('router'); },

10 months ago by Sander Voogt

Thanks supervan!

5 months ago by Rob White

Thank you. I can start letting my hair grow back in. Phew! I had a couple of helmet fires trying to resolve this issue. Sometimes the simplest thing is overlooked for more difficult resolutions... hmmm

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