The Repository Pattern in Laravel

Avoid repetition, scale your project and make maintenance a cinch. From simple to powerful repositories that work for any size project, we go through the steps to implement the repository pattern in Laravel.

Laravel Design patterns
14 parts
1 hour 36 min
2 months ago

Vuex validation strategies

Validating directly from your API can become repetitive. In this course, we go through several refactors and end up with a solution that displays validation errors without any additional work.

6 parts
43 mins
2 months ago

Build a File Marketplace with Laravel

Build a marketplace where sellers can list and sell files, while we take a cut of each sale using Stripe Connect. We'll cover payments, uploads, roles, zipping files on the fly, the Bulma CSS framework, and much more.

75 parts
7 hours 19 mins
4 months ago

Build a Distraction Dashboard

Pull in Product Hunt, Reddit, HackerNews (or more) into one dashboard to distract you even more than you already are.

Slim Vue.js Redis
16 parts
1 hour 41 min
4 months ago

Snippet: Separate database for Laravel queues

Database queues in Laravel are quick to set up and work well for most projects. Let's tidy things up, and pop the queue tables in a database of their own.

1 part
7 mins
4 months ago

Mailable Classes in Slim 3

Taking inspiration from Laravel, we'll build up class based email functionality completely from scratch. Mailables massively tidy up your controller methods or routes, and make sending email a breeze.

9 parts
1 hour 2 min
4 months ago

Snippet: Profiling JSON responses in Laravel

You might have used Laravel DebugBar to profile your query count and application speed, but how do we profile JSON responses? Let's find out!

1 part
9 mins
4 months ago

Laravel Chatroom

Build and test a realtime chatroom with instant UI updates and online user list. Our automated tests will cover sending messages, and that two or more connected users can chat.

Laravel Vue.js Testing
22 parts
2 hours 32 mins
4 months ago