Build a classified ads site

A site that allows users to browse, create and pay for advertisements. Think Craigslist. We'll cover Eloquent techniques, nested sets for flexibility, payment processing and more.

Laravel PHP
44 parts
7 hours 8 mins
8 months ago

Slim 3 Pagination

Pagination for both web and API, using Eloquent or any other database support. Plus, customisable pagination templates!

PHP Slim
10 parts
1 hour
8 months ago

Roles and permissions in Laravel

Powerful role and permission checking doesn't need to be complicated. Let's build our own solution, including custom blade directives and middleware.

PHP Laravel
8 parts
1 hour 7 min
8 months ago

Laravel real-time private messages

Build a dashboard for users to communicate privately in real-time using Laravel, Vue, and Vuex for state management.

Laravel Vue.js Vuex
29 parts
4 hours 27 mins
8 months ago

Build a Placekitten clone with Silex

Placekitten's API generates image placeholders of cute cats in any size for development. Let's rebuild it.

PHP Silex
6 parts
34 mins
9 months ago

Dropdown Autocomplete Search Anything

Use the power of Algolia, Laravel Scout and autocomplete.js to build a re-usable dropdown search for just about anything.

Laravel Vue.js
12 parts
1 hour 6 min
9 months ago

Learn Slim 3

A full walkthrough of everything you need to learn about working with a powerful, lightweight framework.

PHP Slim
36 parts
4 hours 9 mins
9 months ago

Eloquent By Example

Let's cover every Eloquent relationship type from beginner to advanced, with a practical project-style implementation.

PHP Laravel
30 parts
4 hours 45 mins
9 months ago