Unit testing Vuex

Using Karma and Mocha to fully test Vuex actions, mutations and getters. We'll also look at injecting and mocking API calls.

Vue.js Testing Vuex
11 parts
1 hour 29 min
10 months ago

Build a URL shortener

Wait, URL shorteners are boring right? Nope. We're building a fully tested Lumen API, Vue.js client and implementing 301 redirects with Node.js and Express.

Laravel Lumen Node.js Testing Vuex Vue.js
30 parts
4 hours 19 mins
10 months ago

End-to-end Browser Testing with Laravel Dusk

Dusk makes end-to-end testing of your app really easy. We'll start by setting everything up, then dive in and test a pre-built notes app together!

15 parts
1 hour 25 min
10 months ago

Learn Vuex

Been working with Vue? The next logical step is learning Vuex, which will help make building large, complex apps a breeze.

Vue.js Vuex
16 parts
1 hour 41 min
10 months ago

Slim API rate limiting middleware from scratch

Build some fast and clean request throttling middleware from scratch. Easily customisable. You could even release this as a package!

Slim Redis
6 parts
38 mins
11 months ago

Flexbox crash course

Let's get up to speed on Flexbox, then dive right into practical, everyday examples to make laying out content much easier.

14 parts
1 hour 25 min
11 months ago

Quick and easy avatar uploads

Let's build an avatar upload component with reusable upload functionality via a mixin. We'll also look at image processing, database schema recommendations and security considerations.

9 parts
56 mins
11 months ago

Testing middleware in Laravel

We often forget to test middleware, but it's just as important! Let's test three types of middleware with slightly different techniques.

Laravel Testing
3 parts
22 mins
11 months ago