Recursive comment nesting in Laravel

Rendering thousands of nested comments in Laravel. We'll cover Eloquent techniques to get this working, and explore what slows us down.

11 parts
1 hour 11 min
1 year ago

Build a Podcast App

A slick podcast app with Vue.js and Vuex. Choose between three API builds: Slim, Silex or Lumen. Plus, deploying everything!

Vue.js Sass Silex Vuex Laravel Lumen Slim
35 parts
5 hours 7 mins
1 year ago

Learn ES6 (ECMAScript 2015)

Get up to speed with the changes in ES6 and write clean, modern JavaScript. Includes Webpack + Babel setup guide.

Development tools JavaScript
22 parts
1 hour 49 min
1 year ago

Vue/Vuex Single Page App Boilerplate

The ultimate boilerplate starter for your next single page app.

PHP Laravel Vue.js Vuex
18 parts
2 hours 31 mins
1 year ago

Build a notes app with Vuex

Build a clean, elegant notes app with Vue.js and Vuex. Great for learning Vuex concepts.

Vue.js Vuex Sass
12 parts
1 hour 57 min
1 year ago

Drag and drop sorting with Laravel

Ah, drag and drop sorting. One of those seemingly complex topics. Let's break it down, and make it easy.

PHP Vue.js Laravel
6 parts
49 mins
1 year ago

Build a classified ads site

A site that allows users to browse, create and pay for advertisements. Think Craigslist. We'll cover Eloquent techniques, nested sets for flexibility, payment processing and more.

Laravel PHP
44 parts
7 hours 8 mins
1 year ago

Slim 3 Pagination

Pagination for both web and API, using Eloquent or any other database support. Plus, customisable pagination templates!

PHP Slim
10 parts
1 hour
1 year ago