Eloquent translations with Slim 3

Simple translation switching, using the Eloquent translations component from Laravel.

8 parts
28 mins
3 days ago

Custom exception handling in Slim 3

A guide to gracefully handling generic exceptions in your Slim project, with an example of beautiful form validation.

7 parts
26 mins
5 days ago

Snippet: Eloquent Observers in Slim 3

Eloquent works nicely in Slim, but model observers outside of Laravel require a little bit more work.

1 part
7 mins
1 week ago

Build a command-line uptime monitor

Keep track of critical endpoints with this command-line uptime monitor. Add an endpoint, set a frequency and get SMS notifications if something goes down.

Slim Symfony
16 parts
1 hour 33 min
1 month ago

Build your own realtime PHP server

Let's roll our own multi-app realtime server, much like Pusher. We'll code this from the ground up, with the ability to push to public and privately authenticated channels.

PHP Slim JavaScript
18 parts
2 hours 29 mins
3 months ago

Create a Telegram reminder app

This app lets you choose a specific frequency (day, date and time), then sends you repeat reminders through the Telegram messenger app. I built this for myself and use it every day, so let's build it again together!

PHP Slim
12 parts
1 hour 24 min
4 months ago

Build a Distraction Dashboard

Pull in Product Hunt, Reddit, HackerNews (or more) into one dashboard to distract you even more than you already are.

Slim Vue.js Redis
16 parts
1 hour 41 min
9 months ago

Mailable Classes in Slim 3

Taking inspiration from Laravel, we'll build up class based email functionality completely from scratch. Mailables massively tidy up your controller methods or routes, and make sending email a breeze.

9 parts
1 hour 2 min
9 months ago