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Practical Object Oriented Programming

Learn OOP with a practical twist, and finish up by building a todo application to cover what we've learned.

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Build a beautiful blog with Laravel

Starting with the design, we build up a simple blog. The series is packed with useful technologies you can take with you...

PHP Laravel CSS Sass HTML
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Build a shopping cart

A shopping cart with everything you'd expect. Built to be easily extendable, plus flexible payment integration with Brai...

PHP Slim
15 parts
4 hours
1 day ago

Design Patterns: Singleton Pattern

Although it's an anti-pattern, let's take a look at the singleton pattern and why we probably shouldn't use it.

PHP Design patterns
1 part
15 minutes
1 week ago

Custom session handlers

How to switch out your standard PHP session handler and use the database instead.

1 part
20 minutes
1 week ago

Single-page Forum App: Frontend

Build the frontend of the single-page forum app with Vue.js.

JavaScript Vue.js
18 parts
2 hours
3 weeks ago