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Laravel multi-tenancy: Single database

New to multi-tenancy? Let's build single database multi-tenancy into Laravel from scratch.

11 parts
1 hour 7 min
1 week ago

Snippet: Structuring Laravel for larger projects

You'll quickly outgrow the default Laravel structure as your app grows. Without much effort, let's look at some small changes that'll make a huge difference.

1 part
21 mins
4 weeks ago

Build a multi-user video chat app

A WebRTC video chat app built with Vue.js. Support for multiple rooms, audio muting and video pausing.

13 parts
1 hour 24 min
1 month ago

Learn Vue.js Server-Side Rendering

Learn how to build a server-side rendered app with Vue.js and Node, using Vue Router and Vuex along the way. You'll understand how SSR works in no time.

JavaScript Vue.js
15 parts
1 hour 58 min
1 month ago

Building a Vue project with Webpack

You may already be using the Vue CLI to create fresh projects. Well, here's the chance to start from scratch and see exactly what goes into it (and learn more about Webpack along the way).

Vue.js Development tools
15 parts
52 mins
1 month ago

Laravel SaaS Boilerplate

Everything you need to get your app up and running. Email activation, two-factor authentication, subscription billing, team billing, API token authentication, admin user impersonation and more.

41 parts
6 hours 7 mins
2 months ago