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Validation with Slim 3

Validation can be complicated, or easy to work with. We set things up to make it really easy to just get on and validate...

PHP Slim
5 parts
1 hour
3 days ago

Awesome uploads with Uploadcare

Uploading images from multiple sources and resizing them on the fly? We take a look at Uploadcare and how it works.

4 parts
33 minutes
1 week ago

Eloquent and Slim

Bring the power of a fully equipped ORM to Slim, with Eloquent.

PHP Laravel Slim MySQL
4 parts
41 minutes
2 weeks ago

Design Patterns: Factory Pattern

The factory pattern is used to build up complex objects for you to easily use throughout your project. This means easier...

PHP Design patterns
3 parts
23 minutes
2 weeks ago

Laravel Events and Listeners

Tidying up controllers and giving us small, single responsibility classes with events and listeners in Laravel.

PHP Laravel
3 parts
28 minutes
4 weeks ago

Authentication with Slim 3

The perfect start to an application that requires authentication. Learn Slim 3, and in the process build the foundations...

Slim PHP
29 parts
2 hours
1 month ago