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Passwordless Authentication with Laravel

Baking in authentication that emails the user a magic link to sign in, while allowing for the normal email/password comb...

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PHP Basics

Just getting started? Let's cover the basics, with practical examples along the way.

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The Symfony Console Component

Build your own command line interface for your application. Covering the basics, practical examples and integrating into...

PHP Slim
11 parts
1 hour 56 min
6 days ago

Laravel YouTube Clone

Building a YouTube clone with Laravel, including uploads, video encoding, searching and an awesome video player.

PHP Laravel JavaScript
59 parts
8 hours 12 mins
2 weeks ago

Powerful searching with Laravel Scout

New in Laravel 5.3, Scout allows for integrated search using an engine of your choice.

5 parts
40 mins
3 weeks ago

PHP Essentials

If you know the basics, this is next. The stuff you need to know as a developer.

27 parts
3 hours 3 mins
3 weeks ago