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Laravel Internals: Macroable

This small, powerful Laravel trait allows you to easily extend Laravel functionality. Let's figure out how it works by rebuilding it from the ground up.

8 parts
27 mins
1 day ago

Build a command-line uptime monitor

Keep track of critical endpoints with this command-line uptime monitor. Add an endpoint, set a frequency and get SMS notifications if something goes down.

Slim Symfony
16 parts
1 hour 33 min
3 days ago

Laravel multi-tenancy: Single database

New to multi-tenancy? Let's build single database multi-tenancy into Laravel from scratch.

11 parts
1 hour 7 min
2 weeks ago

Snippet: Structuring Laravel for larger projects

You'll quickly outgrow the default Laravel structure as your app grows. Without much effort, let's look at some small changes that'll make a huge difference.

1 part
21 mins
1 month ago

Build a multi-user video chat app

A WebRTC video chat app built with Vue.js. Support for multiple rooms, audio muting and video pausing.

13 parts
1 hour 24 min
1 month ago

Learn Vue.js Server-Side Rendering

Learn how to build a server-side rendered app with Vue.js and Node, using Vue Router and Vuex along the way. You'll understand how SSR works in no time.

JavaScript Vue.js
15 parts
1 hour 58 min
1 month ago