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1 day ago
12 minutes

Enforcing referential integrity with the Laravel Schema builder

Covering what referential integrity is, and how easy it is to enforce this to ensure tidy tables with integrity between relationships.

Laravel MySQL PHP
4 days ago
23 minutes

Instant typeahead search with Algolia

A fast, typeahead search with dropdown suggestions, using Algolia.

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6 days ago
1 hour

Build a Twitter style application

A Twitter style application with an automatically updating timeline, ability to follow users and basic authentication.

PHP JavaScript Laravel
2 weeks ago
24 minutes

Lightning fast Laravel Authentication

Laravel 5.2 allows us to get set up with authentication in a matter of minutes. This guide will walk you through the process.

PHP Laravel
2 weeks ago
32 minutes

Vue.js todo list

A simple todo list with Vue.js to get you started, with an optional PHP API to hook everything together.

PHP JavaScript
3 weeks ago
26 minutes

Real-time chat with Node.js, and Vue.js

How easy is it to build a simple real-time chat? Very easy. Build your own in less than an hour.

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