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Laravel YouTube Clone

Building a YouTube clone with Laravel, including uploads, video encoding, searching and an awesome video player.

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Laravel Queues

Everything you need to know to get started queueing jobs in Laravel, along with some practical examples.

PHP Laravel
6 parts
1 hour 7 min
1 week ago

Laravel on Heroku

A look at deploying and managing a Laravel application on Heroku, including deploying, configuring, setting up caching,...

10 parts
57 mins
1 week ago

SPL Interfaces and Classes

Some useful SPL (Standard PHP Library) interfaces and classes that make coding easier, and your code a lot more flexible...

5 parts
32 mins
2 weeks ago

Real-time command line chat

Hacking the command line and building a real-time chat with PHP and PubNub.

2 parts
32 mins
3 weeks ago

Tips for cleaner code

Writing clean code is important. These tips will help you write cleaner, easier to maintain code.

6 parts
46 mins
4 weeks ago