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Eloquent translations with Slim 3

Simple translation switching, using the Eloquent translations component from Laravel.

8 parts
28 mins
3 days ago

Build a forum with AdonisJS

AdonisJS is a Node MVC framework, and it's an absolute dream to work with. Building a forum touches most of the framework, so it's a great project to get started!

37 parts
3 hours 29 mins
4 days ago

Custom exception handling in Slim 3

A guide to gracefully handling generic exceptions in your Slim project, with an example of beautiful form validation.

7 parts
26 mins
5 days ago

Snippet: Eloquent Observers in Slim 3

Eloquent works nicely in Slim, but model observers outside of Laravel require a little bit more work.

1 part
7 mins
1 week ago

Snippet: Cleaning up code with dynamic method calling

Here's a popular pattern for diverging and dynamically calling a method based on an event, instantly cleaning up huge lists of conditionals.

1 part
17 mins
2 weeks ago

The "No Framework" Framework

It's not a framework, it's an awesome project structure built from the ground up. Routing, service providers, powerful database integration, authentication, validation, flash messages and so much more.

42 parts
6 hours
3 weeks ago