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Realtime notifications with PHP

Let's roll our own realtime server, much like Pusher. We'll code this from the ground up, and use Slim to demonstrate how to trigger and respond to notifications.

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Filtering in Laravel: Vue.js

Next up in our filtering series, we're implementing filters with Vue. Driven from the backend, filters update automatically and push to the query string so a user can continue where they left off. We'll also generate pagination that seamlessly works alongside everything, keeping it lean and clean as we go.

Laravel Vue.js
11 parts
1 hour 12 min
2 days ago

Filtering in Laravel: Blade

If you've already followed the Filtering in Laravel course, it's time to put our filters to work on the frontend, refactoring as we go. We'll also merge in pagination.

11 parts
48 mins
6 days ago

Filtering in Laravel

Need to filter database results with a query string? Here's a beautiful, easy to extend solution to keep your code super tidy.

10 parts
1 hour 3 min
1 week ago

New in Laravel 5.5

Let's dive into the new Laravel 5.5 features, including a mini project on building a 3rd party email address validation class with mistake suggestions.

16 parts
1 hour 37 min
1 week ago

Clean code Laravel

Small tips to clear up a big mess. These are the small things I do every day to create clean, beautiful code. This course is ongoing and more parts will be added.

27 parts
3 hours 9 mins
2 weeks ago