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Symfony authentication

Get the Symfony framework set up and fully configured for authentication using the Friends Of Symfony UserBundle.

PHP Symfony
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Testing middleware in Laravel

We often forget to test middleware, but it's just as important! Let's test three types of middleware with slightly diffe...

Laravel Testing
3 parts
22 mins
13 hours ago

Recursive comment nesting in Laravel

Rendering thousands of nested comments in Laravel. We'll cover Eloquent techniques to get this working, and explore what...

11 parts
1 hour 11 min
2 days ago

Build a Podcast App

A slick podcast app with Vue.js and Vuex. Choose between three API builds: Slim, Silex or Lumen. Plus, deploying everyth...

Vue.js Sass Silex Vuex Laravel Lumen Slim
35 parts
5 hours 7 mins
1 week ago

Learn ES6 (ECMAScript 2015)

Get up to speed with the changes in ES6 and write clean, modern JavaScript. Includes Webpack + Babel setup guide.

Development tools JavaScript
22 parts
1 hour 49 min
2 weeks ago

Vue/Vuex Single Page App Boilerplate

The ultimate boilerplate starter for your next single page app.

PHP Laravel Vue.js Vuex
18 parts
2 hours 31 mins
3 weeks ago