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Mailable Classes in Slim 3

Taking inspiration from Laravel, we'll build up class based email functionality completely from scratch. Mailables massively tidy up your controller methods or routes, and make sending email a breeze.

9 parts
1 hour 2 min
1 day ago

Snippet: Profiling JSON responses in Laravel

You might have used Laravel DebugBar to profile your query count and application speed, but how do we profile JSON responses? Let's find out!

1 part
9 mins
4 days ago

Laravel Chatroom

Build and test a realtime chatroom with instant UI updates and online user list. Our automated tests will cover sending messages, and that two or more connected users can chat.

Laravel Vue.js Testing
22 parts
2 hours 32 mins
1 week ago

Testing Laravel Form Requests

Testing form requests is pretty useful when you have custom validation rules, or simply want to clean up your feature tests from checking too much validation output.

7 parts
37 mins
1 week ago

Database migrations with Slim

Bake database migrations into Slim with Phinx, and avoid manually managing your database schema.

6 parts
35 mins
2 weeks ago

Unit testing Vuex

Using Karma and Mocha to fully test Vuex actions, mutations and getters. We'll also look at injecting and mocking API calls.

Vue.js Testing Vuex
11 parts
1 hour 29 min
3 weeks ago