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Anonymous relationships in Laravel

Storing sensitive, personally identifiable data, like addresses? Let's anonymize relationships between tables so data can't be easily traced back to a user.

11 parts
50 mins
3 weeks ago

Build an image upload microservice

A slim microservice for image uploads, with on the fly image resizing and caching. Great for avatars, and can be reused between all of your projects.

9 parts
43 mins
3 weeks ago

Laravel multi-tenancy: Multi database

Let's approach multi-database tenancy in Laravel, explore the benefits, work through the complexities, and keep things as simple as possible.

20 parts
2 hours 14 mins
1 month ago

Vue Style Guide

A short, sharp course guiding you through some of the most important parts of the official Vue style guide.

13 parts
39 mins
1 month ago

Snippet: Automatically separate user file uploads in Laravel

Setting up Laravel's filesystem to automatically separate user's uploads into their own directory.

1 part
17 mins
1 month ago

Nuxt.js + Laravel Authentication

The fastest route to a server-side rendered Vue app with authentication. Using JWTAuth for Laravel and the official Nuxt auth module, we'll be up and running in no time.

Nuxt.js Laravel
14 parts
1 hour 3 min
1 month ago