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Laravel Account Activation

By default, Laravel doesn't support account activation. Let's bake it into the authentication flow.

9 parts
54 mins
2 days ago

Practical Git

Git is an essential tool for any developer, but you'll probably only use 20% of Git features 80% of the time. Let's dive into the knowledge you need to manage your project through version control, collaborate with others and contribute to open-source projects.

Development tools
25 parts
2 hours 13 mins
2 weeks ago

The Repository Pattern in Laravel

Avoid repetition, scale your project and make maintenance a cinch. From simple to powerful repositories that work for any size project, we go through the steps to implement the repository pattern in Laravel. This course is ongoing and more parts will be added soon.

Laravel Design patterns
14 parts
1 hour 36 min
4 weeks ago

Vuex validation strategies

Validating directly from your API can become repetitive. In this course, we go through several refactors and end up with a solution that displays validation errors without any additional work.

6 parts
43 mins
4 weeks ago

Clean code Laravel

Small tips to clear up a big mess. These are the small things I do every day to create clean, beautiful code. This course is ongoing and more parts will be added soon.

21 parts
2 hours 16 mins
1 month ago

New in Laravel 5.5

Let's dive into the new Laravel 5.5 features that'll be available when it's released, including a mini project on building a 3rd party email address validation class with mistake suggestions.

10 parts
38 mins
1 month ago