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Build a Placekitten clone with Silex

Placekitten's API generates image placeholders of cute cats in any size for development. Let's rebuild it.

PHP Silex
Coming up

Build a classified ads site

Build an affiliate ads site in Laravel, with advanced Eloquent relationships, nested sets and payment processing.

Laravel PHP
Coming up

Symfony authentication

Get the Symfony framework set up and fully configured for authentication using the Freinds Of Symfony UserBundle.

PHP Symfony
Coming up

Laravel real-time private messages

Build a dashboard for users to communicate privately in real-time using Laravel, Vue, and Vuex for state management.

Laravel Vue.js Vuex
Coming up

Dropdown Autocomplete Search Anything

Use the power of Algolia, Laravel Scout and autocomplete.js to build a re-usable dropdown search for just about anything...

Laravel Vue.js
12 parts
1 hour 6 min

Learn Slim 3

A full walkthrough of everything you need to learn about working with a powerful, lightweight framework.

PHP Slim
36 parts
4 hours 9 mins